FIVE Community News – 30th March 2016

FIVE Weekend Away


This year’s theme for our weekend away is The Path of Discipleship. Mark Fairhurst will be leading us through Jesus’ teaching from Luke 9-12. What does it mean to follow Jesus, especially as he heads towards the cross and then glory? What are the dangers and obstacles we face as his disciples as we walk the same path?

Getting There

Merroo is on Merroo Road, off Mill Road Kurrajong. Travel by your preferred route to Richmond, then following signs to North Richmond and Lithgow continue along Bells Line of Road. The turnoff is to the right, at lights immediately past Comleroy Road. Follow Mill Road to Merroo Road (right turn). We are in Centre 1.

Tea and Coffee will be available on arrival, but you will need to have had dinner first. There are plenty of possibilities along the way, especially in Richmond.

What to Bring

  • Bible and pens
  • Regular collection money if you don’t Direct Debit
  • Suitable clothes & hat evenings could be cool.
  • All personal needs – toiletries, medications, insect repellent recommended!
  • Linen Sheets (all beds are single), pillowcase, towels – Each bed has a pillow and blanket. If you plan to use a sleeping bag, you MUST still use a pillowcase & put a sheet over the bed.
  • Any games or equipment you have agreed to bring.

All meals, morning & afternoon teas and suppers are provided after dinner Friday.

Merroo is an alcohol & smoke free site.

And please note and remind everyone that there will be no FIVE on 3rd April.

Moore College Mission

From Sunday 15th – Sunday 22nd May, a team of Moore Theological College students will be joining us for the week to assist us in proclaiming Jesus throughout our community. So it is time to discuss and make plans in your Gospel Teams how you might both serve and reach out with the news concerning Jesus.

There will be many events throughout the week: door knocking, women’s events, men’s events, youth and children’s events, dinners, gaming nights, and so on. Our goal for each of these events is to invite people who do not know Jesus onto our premises or into our living rooms, so that they may hear about Jesus.

These means:

  1. We need to be praying that God may give us boldness to invite people
  2. We all need to speak to someone to invite them
  3. We need to consider events which people in our community will be interested in coming to
  4. We need to mobilise our Gospel Teams to serve in organising the mission
  5. We need to pray that the MTC students will be bold to speak about Jesus
  6. We need to pray that God will be calling people to himself and that God and his Son will be glorified

This list could go on and on. Since the mission is less than 2 months away, why not starting thinking about the Lost people you know and how you might invite them to come and hear about Jesus?

Christianity Explored


Do you have a friend, family member, neighbour or work colleague who is interested in hearing more about the claims of Christianity? Mark is running a Christianity Explored course starting on Wednesday 6th April which gives people the opportunity to hear more about what we believe and the evidence for these beliefs. Any and all questions are welcomed. For more information about the contents of the course, please look at the Christianity Explored website.

We recommend that you come along to the course with your non-Christian contact to ‘hold their hand’. If you would like more details or reserve your spot, please contact Mark ASAP.

Dates for Your Diary

April 2016

  • 1st-3rd April – FIVE Weekend Away. There will be no FIVE gathering on Sunday 3rd April.
  • Wednesday 6th – Christianity Explored course starts

May 2016

  • Sunday 1st May – Gospel Team Leaders Teams
  • 15th-22nd May – Moore College Mission
  • Tuesday 24th/Wednesday 25th – Christianity Explored course starts

FIVE Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we will grow together in our love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as we gather at Meroo this weekend.
  2. Pray for those with on-going issues with sickness, and for those who are mourning and grieving.
  3. Pray for the Moore College Mission, particularly for our preparation and the preparation of the hearts of those who we know and can invite to the church events.
  4. Pray for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst Muslims in Australia and spreading throughout Europe, especially for Christians to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God in Jesus to them
  5. Give thanks to God for those who serve us from pastors, teachers, wardens, parish councillors, all the way through to those who stand in a door welcoming people, those who clean toilets, those who serve us supper, and those who encourage us with their words.

FIVE Reading Matters

How do we make wise decisions between doing what is important and what is urgent? Mike Leite has written a very helpful article which tries to rescue the language of priorities. You can read his article ‘A Matter of Priority’ here.