The Most Important Person in Human History

No one has made more impact on the world than Jesus. TIME magazine states;

“…the single most powerful figure – not merely in these two millenniums but in all human history – has been Jesus of Nazareth.”

– TIME Magazine, December 6, 1999

Jesus said “This is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and the one you have sent – Jesus Christ.”

John 17.3

Who is Jesus?

Jesus knows exactly what it’s like to be human. He knows us perfectly and he understands the troubles and difficulties we all experience. Jesus tells us that the greatest need each of us has in our lives is to know him. He explains that to know God is to have eternal life! Jesus offers us the chance to be friends with God and to have a real relationship with the one who made us.

Jesus is Our Powerful Creator

The Bible tells us all things were made by Jesus and all things were made for Jesus. God is the creator who made the whole universe and he has made humanity in his own image. This means he is the one who gives our lives meaning and purpose. God tells us that he has lovingly created us for relationship with him and each other and that Jesus came into the world so that we can once again know him as our creator and King.

Jesus is Our Promised King

Jesus is the Son of God who was born as a man and lived around 2,000 years ago. The Bible records for us his teachings and all the powerful saving works he did. Jesus’ perfect life and ministry show us that he is the Christ (which means Messiah or Chosen King). God had promised Israel long before in the Old Testament that this chosen King would come. God had given his word that the Messiah would defeat death and overcome human wrongdoing. Jesus came into the world to bring forgiveness and peace to people of every nation.

Jesus Takes Away the Sin of the World

Jesus lived the perfect life of obedience and faithfulness to God that we humans all fail at. When he suffered and died on the cross he stood in our place and took our punishment. This means Jesus has rescued us from God’s anger and washed us clean of our wrongdoing. Sinful, broken people who come to Jesus are completely forgiven and made new. We are now reconciled to God so that we can call him Father!

Jesus Triumphs Over Death

After his death Jesus was buried in a tomb but on the third day he rose back to life. The risen Jesus then met and ate with his disciples and over 500 witnesses. The resurrection of Jesus confirms our salvation and gives us real hope and everlasting joy. We know that those who belong to and love Jesus will be raised to eternal life with him.

Jesus Will Return

The Bible also promises that the risen Lord Jesus now reigns on the throne of God in heaven. He sends his Holy Spirit on all those who believe in him to save them and include them in his new community called church. Jesus will return to the world to bring justice and punishment to those who reject him, as well as salvation and eternal life to those who trust him for forgiveness.

Jesus Gives Us A New Way To Live

Being a Christian is about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ personally and trusting in him as King and as Saviour. A Christian is someone who depends on Jesus for the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

The fact that we trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection and know he will return, means we live now with the real joy, hope and purpose. So a Christian is someone who turns their life around from ignoring and rejecting God, to loving and serving God and his people. This will mean being deeply committed to living in a way that pleases God and being part of a church family.

The Good News in 90 Secs

Watch this short video to discover the gospel in less than 2 mins

Next Steps

At Northmead Anglican we’re all about Jesus, his forgiveness and the new life that can be found in him. If you would like to know more about Jesus then we would love to help you investigate his claims for yourself.