Serving at Northmead Anglican


From him the whole body, fitted and knit together by every supporting ligament, promotes the growth of the body for building itself up in love by the proper working of each individual part. Ephesians 4.16 

Every Christian is called to serve the Lord and make a difference at church and in the world. We might not always feel like it, but under God our serving always has an impact in our church community and in the lives of others.

There are many opportunities to serve as part of our church community, so whether you’re good at something already, or willing to learn how to do something new, we’d love you to be involved and join the team and sign up for serving at Northmead!


There’s plenty of opportunities to help share the Christmas joy at one of our special events!

Mission & Evangelism

We want to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ. Join one of our mission teams and be part of proclaiming Jesus in our community and the world.


It’s really exciting when someone new visits our gatherings and we love to help people become members of Christ’s church.


Sharing food and drink together is a big part of what unites and incudes people in real community, whether it’s great coffee after church, or a congregational meal.

Community Building

We want everyone to belong to Christ and each other. We grow together as God’s community by spending time with one another, sharing our lives and being community. You can help make this happen.

Care Team

In his love and care for us, God has given us each other. We aim for our church to be a caring place by assisting members of our church family with practical acts of service.

NEW Easy English Church

We are building a new ministry to help connect and share the gospel with people in our community from different languages and cultures.

Music & Singing

Proclaiming God’s word to one another in song is such a joyful experience in the church gathering. Our singers and musicians serve us by helping us lift our voices in praise of God.

Church Bible Reading & Prayer

The high point of our week! Join the team and serve the Lord and his people through the public reading of his mighty word, and leading his people in prayer.


Each week our tech team members help us hear and see God’s Scriptures being proclaimed in word, song and prayer as we gather.


We have the exciting opportunity to present the good news about Jesus each week to kids in our local schools.

Property Maintenance, Gardening & Cleaning

Our church community shares its facilities across many different ministries. A great way to care for our congregations and enable ministries is to maintain and clean our facilities.

4pm Church Plant

Be part of our exciting plans, under God, to start a new congregation in March 2024. If you’re keen to serve, have a heart for the gospel, and want to be part of establishing a new congregation, please sign up.


Join our team providing vital behind the scenes administrative and organisational support for our ministries. 

Communications & Design

Getting the message across is super important in the life of our church, and as we reach out to our community. This team works to design and create clear and engaging ways for us to let people know what’s happening at church.

Have an Idea?

Our opportunities to serve are only limited by how you might be able to contribute to growing God’s kingdom. Let us know what ideas you have for growing our church in faith, love and hope.

Want to be Trained?

Whether you’re not sure where you might best fit, or you’re keen to do everything there is, we’d love to help train you for serving. To talk to someone about serving and being trained, click below.