27/3/2020 – I am the Bread of Life


Prayer of the Day

Heavenly Father,

Almighty God,

We pray today that you’ll be with those who are currently working on creating vaccines and medicines to combat COVID-19. Lord, give these people the diligence, patience and resolve, to create a vaccine efficiently and effectively so that it can be put to use to save lives. Be with those who are currently battling with COVID-19 and fill them with your Spirit so that they may find peace with you and have assurance in your glory regardless of their situation. We thank you that we already have an amazing medical system and the gift of science, and we pray the you may help the international community come together and set aside past differences to work on this cause. Lord, we pray that you’ll give us understanding, peace and a sober mind as we wait patiently for a vaccine to be made. But Lord, we ask that in all things your will be done.