28/3/2020 – A Living Hope


A Living Hope

Hope is a powerful thing, it allows to know that there is something better on the way. In 1 Peter 1.3 the apostle tells Christians scattered throughout the world that we have ‘a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead’. In these times of uncertainty, anxiety and fear to have this hope is of immense comfort and joy. We have a living hope because the one that we have put our trust in is alive – Jesus Christ our awesome Lord and Saviour.

We don’t believe in some dry, dead, boring irrelevant religious information – this is true hope and purpose, and it’s a living hope, a living purpose. Christian hope is the certainty that no matter what happens God will make everything OK.

And don’t we need to remember this truth at a time like this, as the world spirals out of control, as governments scrabble to contain the virus and manage the economy, as people lose jobs and are placed under immense stress and isolation, to have the hope that God will make everything OK, because of Christ resurrection is something we need to remember each day. So our in times like this is the same as it’s always been – Jesus Christ!

Author: Joshua Johnston

Prayer of the Day

Our Great God,

We thank you for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you that it’s your eternal message of good news and salvation for all those who believe. At this time please help us to share this wonderful message of hope, life and love with the world around us. Give us the words and courage we need to share the reason for the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Help us to be bold, passionate and courageous as we do this, taking every opportunity we have to tell others of this glorious message. Please bring many people to yourself at this time of crisis, that they might come to know the life that lasts forever in your son.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, our great Saviour, Amen.