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So what is the deal with Jesus’ death on a cross? It’s an instantly recognised symbol, and the most enduring image across history. So what was it all about? Join us this Sunday as we continue our journey in the book of Hebrews, as we take a look at chapter 9. Once again it’s a fairly tricky chapter, so try and have a read before Sunday.

Also please join us after church this Sunday for…

Church Lunch


Winston Hills Women’s Dinner

On Saturday the 3rd of December there’ll be a women’s dinner at Millone’s Baulkham Hills. It kicks off at 7pm, and it’d be great if you could talk to Cathy, Rochelle or Sharon if you’d like to come!


Women’s Gingerbread House Event


Wright Deputation – 7th-11th December

WrightsDuring December, Tony Wright will be bringing a team from Fiji to share with us of the great things that have been happening there. We will gather for a meal on Friday 9th December and hear from the students and ministry apprentices about their work to proclaim the gospel throughout Fiji. More details coming soon.

Weekend Reading

A really great article from Phillip.