Better Together

At the end of this year we are undertaking some really exciting changes to our church, that also come with some big challenges.

We are doing this, first and foremost, because we love the Lord Jesus and are passionate about serving him and growing his people. Our comfort in facing such change is the sure knowledge that God is sovereignly in control and always brings about his glorious plans and purposes.

This page is where you can find information and updates as we work together towards our December 3rd launch date. Will you pray with me that the Holy Spirit would ensure we are united in love and filled with the desire to proclaim the powerful word of God?


Better Together – Come and join us


Sunday Kids’ Program

We’d like to tell you a little more about our plans for kids’ ministry at our new 9am and 10.45am congregations so that our little ones can continue to grow in their love for Jesus. Click on this link or the icon for more info.

Site Maps for KidsAlive

9am Family Church

1045 Family Church

Fusion Youth

Sunday Youth Program

We’d like to tell you a little more about our plans for youth ministry at our new 9am congregation so that our youth ones can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Click on this link or the icon for more info.

Site Map for Fusion Youth

9am Family Church

Congregational Shape

We’d like to tell you a little more about what we’re hoping these new congregations will be to help you decide where would be best for you to serve and love God’s people. Click on this link or the icon for more info.

How to Make a Good Decision?

Making a wise decision about where to serve next year is important. Click on this link or the icon to download a document with some helpful tips.


There are a number of similar questions to the big changes in 2018. If you would like to know more click on this link to see the answers.

Getting the Buildings Ready

1. Paint the Interior of the Church

Over a series of epic working bees and painting days, we have repainted the inside of the church building. Gone are the pinks and olives to go with the salmon carpet, replaced by attractive whites and greys. It looks and feels much lighter and fresher as a result.

2. Air Condition the Church

In the first week of the school holidays (starting 25th September) air conditioning will be installed in the church building. As our building is very hot in summer and particularly cold in winter this will make a big difference to people coming to church and being able to listen well and concentrate!

3. New Carpet in the Church

The second week of the holidays (from October 2) will see new carpet laid throughout the church building. The existing carpet is wearing and torn in places (and could possibly show some evidence of the painting days, but don’t tell anyone).  New carpet will look and feel fresh, as well as provide hard wearing floor covering for many years to come.

4. Renovate and Improve the Ministry Centre

Parish Council has recently appointed a Designer/Project Manager to oversee the project of renovating the Ministry Centre beginning early in the new year. In the scope of works is a new disabled toilet, 3 new women’s toilets, a new kitchen, modifications to enhance the space for children’s and youth ministry as well as improved lighting and entrances to make it suitable for morning teas and congregational events. Other exciting plans are also included in this project to help particularly with the transition between congregations.

Better Together Announcement

Next Steps

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