Playmorning begins for 2018 on Tuesday 6 February

Playmorning | Tuesdays 10am to 12pm – 0 to 5 years old

Welcome Northmead Anglican Playmorning

Northmead Playmorning is an informal, church-run, community Playmorning catering for 0-5 year olds and their carers.

Where: Northmead Anglican Church – 6 Thomas St, Northmead

Cost: The cost each week is $2 per family.

This money can be put in the money tin on the table near the entrance.

This money is used for resources, toys, tea/coffee, milk, etc. 

What does a typical Tuesday morning look like? 

Each Tuesday, play areas are set up inside and outside. Carers are encouraged to play with their children and are responsible for their supervision at all times. This playtime also provides opportunities to chat with other carers and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. While light snacks are provided for carers, you will need to bring food for your child.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that Playmorning is a ‘nut free zone’, we do have children with allergies and ask that you do not bring any foods containing nuts for their safety.

At 11.30 we pack up the toys and ask that people help as much as they can.

At 11.40, we have Circle Time. This is a time for the children and their carers to join together as a group. During Circle Time, we may listen to stories, sing, dance, or engage in other learning experiences. Circle Time is a great opportunity for children to learn from one another, so we ask that carers encourage and model good listening and participation. Circle Time is led by a member of the Playmorning team.

How do you communicate with us?

Each term we hand out a newsletter with key dates and information. We also make announcements during Circle Time. If you wish, you can provide your email address for updates and information. You can also find Northmead Playmorning on Facebook.

We value your comments and feedback. Please grab one of the team after Playmorning or e-mail us at

Who is Northmead Anglican Playmorning?

Northmead Playmorning is run by volunteers from Northmead Anglican Church. We are all committed and passionate Christians. We volunteer because our love for Jesus calls us share the good new about Jesus Christ, love our community and care for those in it. In Circle Time, we sometimes have a Bible story or song that reflects our beliefs as Christians, and at Easter and Christmas time we love to talk about Jesus and the amazing things he has done. Anybody, regardless of religious belief, is welcome at Playmorning.

The team for 2018 is:

Jennifer Webb 

Bernie Johnston

Cathy Edwards

Leah McKenna

For more information please call the church office 9630 1234