Winston Hills Community News – 16th February 2017


Genesis – The Origins of Everything


Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9 NIV84)

Cain’s denial before God of the murder of his brother is one of the famous lines in Scripture. What motivated Cain to take such drastic actions? Why was God more pleased with Abel than Cain? We continue this Sunday to contemplate the extend of Adam’s sin as we look at his sons in Genesis 4. Please read the passage in advance so you will get more out of Joshua Russell’s teaching.


19.02   Gen 4-6.4   God’s Severe Mercy

26.02   Gen 6-9   A New Hope?

05.03   Gen 10-11   We Built This City…

12.03   Gen 12   The dawn of Justification

Winston Hills Leadership Teams

Over the past 2 months, I have slowly been inviting members of Winston Hills to assist me formally in organising, leading and discipling our congregation. I have given these leaders various roles and responsibilities.

The key leadership team is: David Pocknall, Ben Enviah, Stephanie Robinson and Mike Abecina. I plan to meet monthly with this team to plan, organise, and care for our members.

Each of these leaders has an assistant to help coordinate the key areas of our church life. These teams will meet only as required (e.g. Maturity team has already met to organise our Gospel Teams). These teams are:

Mission: Ben Enviah & Rusdyan Cocks

Membership: Mike Abecina & Amber Edmonds

Maturity: David Pocknall & Ben Bolitho

Meetings: Steph Robinson & David Ore

At this stage, these areas of responsibility have not been thoroughly defined. Adrian will be speaking at Winston Hills from the end of March to explain these areas of church life, and we hope you and these servants will see how our service fits within Jesus’ church.

If you have any concerns regarding our congregation, you are very welcome to contact me. Our leadership teams will start meeting from March and I can bring any topics to them for discussion.

Winston Hills Weekend Away – Postponed!

It has been decided to postpone the Winston Hills weekend away until later in the year (late October is the planned timing at this stage). This will enable us to organise this valuable time more thoroughly. We apologise to those who had made the effort to free up that weekend for this event.

Yet this doesn’t mean we will waste our time, because everyone is invited to…

Winston Hills Beach Day – Sat 25th March


We plan to head down to the coast, gather on the beach at Mona Vale (parking around Surf Lifesaving Club on Surfview Road) from 11am on Saturday 25th March. Please bring your own drinks and picnic lunch. Of course, toss in the boogie board and swimmers. From 1:30pm we will have some organised fun together, including a mysterious man cover in something delicious!

Everyone is welcome!

Gospel Teams 2017


David P, Ben B and I have been working through the Gospel Team forms that were filled out over the past two weeks, trying to place people in teams that suit everyone’s availability. This week we are trying to follow up those who had not handed in a form, so you may receive a call from one of us.

Currently we have GTeams on the following nights:

Monday night mixed (David O, Ben B) – FULL

Tuesday night mixed (Mark G)

Wednesday morning women (Amber, Jo, Rochelle, Mel)

Wednesday evening women (Simone H, Ann L)

Wednesday night mixed (David P)

Thursday night men (Mike A, Eddie)


As you can see, we do not have a weekend Gospel Team this year because we do not have the leaders to run it. We realise that a Sunday afternoon group suits some families. This is a good instance of needing to “pray to the Lord of the harvest” (Luke 10:2), that he might raise up more gospel workers who can teach and care for others.

Most new groups should be ready to start over the next two weeks. Your new Gospel Team leaders should know who is in their groups and contact you soon.

“Living with Anxiety” Conference – This Saturday


Date: Sat 18th February

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: $10 (includes afternoon tea)

RSVP: Church Office or email

Ministry Apprentice Program Night

AlexOn Monday 20th February at 7:30pm, our Ministry Apprentices will be sharing about their vision and plans for 2017. Since they are dependent on the prayers and direct financial support of individuals, we want to encourage you to attend, so that you might know their needs and hear how you might pray for them.

Since we are particularly responsible for supporting Rusdyan Cocks’ ministry amongst us this year, it will be worthwhile finding out how we as a congregation can train and equip him for a life of serving our Lord.

For more details, please see the MAP Night page.


Newcomers’ Lunch – Sunday 5th March

Have you recently arrived at Winston Hills Anglican Church? We would like to invite you to lunch to meet us, hear about our church, and hear what it means to be a member of our congregation.

Time: 12pm

Location: 102 Lanhams Rd Winston Hills, NSW 2153

For more information, please speak with Mark or Sharon.

Friends of Northmead – Managing Arthritis


Ministry Training

During the first half of the year, we’ve planned a series of training days for all congregations. The goal is to know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and make sure we’re serving to the best of our growing abilities. Those expected to be involved will be invited and information about these events will be made available closer to the events.

Sat 25th Feb – Music Training Day (10am-2pm at Thomas Street building)

Sun 5th Mar – Service Leaders Training afternoon (2-4pm at Thomas Street building)

Sun 2nd Apr – Kids Spot Training afternoon

Sun 30th Apr – Welcomers Training afternoon

Sat 3rd June – Leaders Training Day

Sun 4th June – Prayers Training afternoon

These training events are open for all members of Winston Hills. Please let Mark know if one of these is an area where you are interested in serving.


Dates for your Diary

February 2017

  • Sat 18 – NCEA Prayer Breakfast (St Johns Parramatta 7:30am)
  • Mon 20 – MAP Supporters Night
  • Sat 25 – Music Ministry Training

March 2017

WHAC Prayer Points

  1. Pray for ourselves and those around us who still struggle with sin and its consequences, holding to the assurance of salvation through Jesus Christ. Pray for those who are grieving and mourning after having lost friends or family.
  2. Please pray that those Christians who serve us in our Gospel Teams and in our gatherings will be continually equipped and strengthened with God’s Word. Pray for the various training events in the first half of the year.
  3. Pray for those who are teaching children Scripture in public schools. Pray that the children will be settled and attentive, and hear the great news about Jesus, learning to trust him in all things.
  4. Praise God for bringing new people into our gatherings and community over the last few months. Pray that they will feel welcome and grow to know us and our Lord. Pray for our up-coming Newcomers Lunch.
  5. Pray for those who are serving us in our leadership teams, that they may serve faithful like deacons in Christ’s household, our church (1 Tim 3:8-15).