FIVE Community News – 8th March 2017


Genesis – The Origins of Everything


It is obvious that by the time we’ve read to Genesis 11, human sinfulness is completely entrenched in human hearts. Yet God has not decided to wipe out humanity in one just act of judgement. Therefore the promise to bless Abram in Genesis 12 comes as a surprise. How is God able to deal with human sin through a promise? This week we will unpack Genesis 12 to understand the promise and see how God plans to save people from their sin on the basis of trusting it.


12.03   Gen 12   The dawn of Justification

19.03   Gen 13-14   The Beginning of the Blessing

26.03  New Series: Living With Purpose – Living for God and his Glory

02.04   Living with Purpose – To Share God and Make Him Known

Allan Webb’s Thanksgiving Service

m_7eHC6zSp7LUOiGtGJcsgyqb0rqEnBiRPAllan Webb will be remembered with great thanksgiving to God on Friday 10th at 12:30pm at Eastwood Baptist Church (3 First Avenue, Eastwood). More details can be found here. Everyone is welcome to come and thank God for Allan who has been part of our FIVE congregation for the past few years.

Missionary Prayer Breakfast – Sat 25th March

Please join us at 7.30am at the Thomas Street building to hear about and pray for our missionaries. Breakfast included. All welcome.


Friends of Northmead – Managing Arthritis

The Friends of Northmead is an initiative by Third Stage Empty-Nesters at Northmead Anglican Churches who desire to meet together and who also desire to bring their non-Christian friends into their friendship networks in a non-threatening manner.


Ministry Training

During the first half of the year, we’ve planned a series of training days for all congregations. The goal is to know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and make sure we’re serving to the best of our growing abilities. Those expected to be involved will be invited and information about these events will be made available closer to the events.

Sun 2nd Apr – Kids Spot Training afternoon

Sun 30th Apr – Welcomers Training afternoon

Sat 3rd June – Leadership Team Training Day

Sun 4th June – Prayers Training afternoon

These training events are open for all members of Winston Hills. Please let Mark know if one of these is an area where you are interested in serving.

Western Sydney Region Annual Women’s Autumn Dinner


Tickets can be purchased online here for the dinner. For more information, please speak with Rochelle.

Dates for your Diary

March 2017

April 2017

  • Sat 1 – Friends of Northmead Parramatta Picnic
  • Sun 2 – Kids’ Spot Training seminar
  • Fri 14 – Good Friday service (9:30am)
  • Sun 15 – Resurrection Sunday service (5pm)
  • Mon 17-Fri 21 – Forge Youth Camp
  • Sun 30 – Welcomers Training seminar

FIVE Prayer Points

  1. Praise God that he treats us with grace in Jesus Christ, dealing with our sin and shame on the cross.
  2. Please pray for Lyndall Burke and Adrian Webb as they mourn for the passing of their father Allan. Pray that we might all look forward to the resurrection of the dead, and eternal life with those who trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray for Caroline Freitag (NCEA) and our Ministry Apprentices who are teaching Year 7-8 teenagers at Model Farms High School.
  4. Pray for 645 who have their Launch weekend away this weekend that they grow in their understanding of the Holy Spirit and evangelism as they grow in relationship with one another.
  5. Pray for our service leaders that they may serve us and lead well, putting into practise everything they were reminded of and learnt last Sunday.