FIVE Community News – 6th April 2016


Right on the Money


Following on from our last talk at our Weekend Away, this week at FIVE we are starting a new series on money. Adrian will be speaking on Money and Creation. Please read Genesis 1 and 1 Timothy 4:1-5 in preparation for our gathering on Sunday at 5pm. We will have the espresso machine operating after FIVE on Sunday so we are taking steps to calm your nerves (see the Barista Course announcement below).

While we’re speaking about money, at last month’s AGM our Treasurer Bill Farrand told us that the NAC budget has increased by 16% this year from $666k to $773k. Bill suggested that 200 families would need to increase their giving by $45 per month. By God’s grace, we actually met budget in March. So I commend this to you for consideration as we start this series.

FIVE Weekend Away

From numerous reports from those who attended, our Weekend Away was an extremely encouraging time together. Mark Fairhurst’s talks on the Path of Discipleship were extremely challenging and it seemed we were able to think of some very practical applications of Jesus’ teaching to our lives.

The verse which I will be committing to memory this year is:

Then Jesus said to them all, “If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me. (Luke 9:23)

I was greatly encouraged as I read through the Next Steps commitment sheets. Many people wrote very considered comments about how they’re desiring to follow Jesus this year. In a few months I’ll send everyone who filled out a form a copy of their form. Hopefully this will continue to encourage you to look in the mirror in the mornings and commit yourselves to Christ.

Here is a small collection of photos from our time away:


Moore College Mission

From Sunday 15th – Sunday 22nd May, a team of Moore Theological College students will be joining us for the week to assist us in proclaiming Jesus throughout our community. So it is time to discuss and make plans in your Gospel Teams how you might both serve and reach out with the news concerning Jesus. Your GTeam leaders have a copy of the program as well as a list of serving possibilities, so please prayerfully consider how you might be able to promote Jesus during the mission week.

You can download the Moore Mission timetable here.

Most importantly, we need to be speaking with our non-Christian contacts, mentioning the up-coming mission, inviting them to events, and asking them to join you at the Christianity Explored courses that will follow.

Christianity Explored – Starting tonight!


Do you have a friend, family member, neighbour or work colleague who is interested in hearing more about the claims of Christianity? Mark is running a Christianity Explored course starting tonight (Wednesday 6th April) which gives people the opportunity to hear more about what we believe and the evidence for these beliefs. Any and all questions are welcomed. For more information about the contents of the course, please look at the Christianity Explored website.

We recommend that you come along to the course with your non-Christian contact to ‘hold their hand’. If you would like more details please contact Mark.

Anzac Day Event and new Men’s Gospel Team

Steve Dunlop is spearheading two new ventures to promote the gospel amongst “Third Stagers” (i.e. those whose kids have left home so they are more independent). Remember to keep Anzac Day free. More information will be coming soon. Plus Steve will contact the men about a new mid-week Gospel Team.

Barista Course – This SundayCup-of-coffee

During times of heightened gospel outreach (e.g. Moore Mission and Harvest), we often use the church’s coffee machine to create a friendly, social environment. This relaxes our guests (and ourselves!). So we require people or Gospel Teams to run the coffee machine for us.

Would you like to learn how to use the church’s coffee machine? On Sunday 10th April at 4pm, Laura Smith will provide anyone who would like to have a basic introduction to using our machine. No experience required.

[The time will clash with FIVE, so you will only be able to attend half the afternoon course. The benefit though is that espresso coffees will be available after FIVE this week!]

Mark Groombridge’s Ordination

The date for Mark’s deaconing service is set by Ivan Lee as Thursday 5th May at 7:30pm in St Johns Parramatta. All welcome. It has been requested that people refrain from taking photos on the night in consideration of compromising the Groombridge’s gospel ministry in Slovenia. Your understanding is appreciated.

Dates for Your Diary

April 2016

  • Wednesday 6th – Christianity Explored course starts
  • Monday 25th – Anzac Day

May 2016

  • Sunday 1st May – Gospel Team Leaders Teams
  • Thursday 5th May – Ordination Service (St Johns Parramatta, 7:30pm)
  • 15th-22nd May – Moore College Mission
  • Tuesday 24th/Wednesday 25th – Christianity Explored course starts

FIVE Prayer Points

  1. Praise God for what we heard and learnt at our Weekend Away. Pray also for continued growing relationships with one another.
  2. Pray for those with ongoing issues with sickness, and for those who are mourning and grieving. Please pray for our Ministry Apprentice John Kim who has injured himself and now has pneumothorax. Pray also for Doug Edwards (nineam congregation and Woodbury chaplain).
  3. Pray for the Moore College Mission, particularly for our preparation and the preparation of the hearts of those who we know and can invite to the church events.
  4. Pray for those who are starting the Christianity Explored course this week that they may turn to God in faith and repentance.
  5. Pray for our new Third Stage initiatives that they may be opportunities to grow together and to proclaim Jesus Christ.

Getting Started with the Church Community Builder (CCB)

Can I please have a church address book? I am regularly asked if NAC prints off a list of everyone in the parish. The answer is “No”. All our personal information is kept securely online on the Church Community Builder (CCB) platform.

I would highly recommend you view the video on Getting Started with CCB. It will introduce you to all the basic functions of CCB, accessing the main menu toolbar, changing your settings, as well as searching for people and using the calendar.

Logging On

  1. Go to the Church Community Builder (CCB) login site.
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Hit the “Logon” button.

If you cannot remember your username or password, or you have not received these, please follow the appropriate link.

Searching for Someone’s Address

  1. To view a profile for another person in our online community, first click the People link in the left menu bar. You will only be able to see listed profiles. If you do not see a People link, it means you have limited access to the community and will not be able to view any other profiles besides yours and your family members’.index_welcome_page_sidebar_menu
  2. After clicking People, begin typing a name in the search box. You may type first name, last name, or a combination of both. As you type, the system will automatically narrow your results and generate a list of people who meet your criteria. Click the name of a person to access their profile.
  3. On the Info tab, you will be able to see the information the individual has chosen to share with the online community. Anything not shared will be blank or show the message ‘not enough privileges to view’, meaning administrative rights are required to view the information. Because the tabs in profiles are sticky, any profile you access will open to the same tab you were on previously.

    NOTE: Adding an individual to your friends list will allow that person to view information in your profile with privacy settings of friends only or friends and my groups members. In addition, it will give you easy access to friends’ profiles if you wish to email them or view a phone number. This is a one-way add and does not require approval from the other person.

For more information on how to use the CCB database, please go to the Church Community Builder website.