FIVE Community News – 28th April 2016


Right on the Money


In our final talk on our series on money and possessions, we will be hearing what God has to teach us through his Apostles in the New Testament epistles. What is the right attitude to possessions? How might we worship money? How did Jesus’ disciples demonstrate contentment with what God had given them? Please read 2 Corinthians 9 or Philippians 4:10-20 in preparation.

NAC Open Week 2016 (Moore College Mission)


From Sunday 15th – Sunday 22nd May, a team of Moore Theological College students will be joining us for the week to assist us in proclaiming Jesus throughout our community. On both Sundays we will have Moore College students opening God’s Word with us, showing us that Jesus Christ is the Lord of this creation. Our FIVE gathering is an ideal opportunity for people to see what we do and hear what we believe.

This Sunday we will have postcards to give to your non-Christian friends with all the details about the events. There will also be the bundles to be spread throughout Northmead and Winston Hills. Please consider taking a few bundles to place them in letterboxes around your neighbourhood.

Open Week Tickets on sale now

We are now selling tickets to the three main events: The Women’s, Men’s and Gamers events. The tickets can be purchased after the Sunday services over the next few weeks.


Women’s Rest and Relaxation Night (Tues 17th May)

The Women’s event is a Rest and Relaxation Night, and the women will be making bath bombs. There will also be a short talk on finding rest with God. There is going to be snacky foods provided, and it should be a lot of fun. The cost is $15 for you and a friend.

Men's-NightMen’s Meat Night (Thurs 19th May)

The Men’s event is a Men’s Meat Night, where you will shown how to cook the perfect steak. There’s going to be a lot of meat, dessert and a token salad. There will also be a short talk of what God says about being a man. It should be great fun and delicious. The cost is $15 per person.

GamersGamers Night (Fri 20th May)

Do you like to smash out your frustrations on a computer keyboard? Is the world not enough for you when you play Monopoly or Risk? Why no take on the crowds at our Gamers Night? It’ll cost you $10 for yourself and a friend.


Open Week Street Food (Sat 21st May)

Take a stroll amongst our food stalls and treat yourself to some delicious food from around the world. From Asian street vendors to Mexican antojitos, from Indian curry houses to classic American food trucks, our Open Week Street Market will present an unique selection of delicious experiences. A live cooking demonstration will show you how to make some simple dishes bringing spice to your life. And for a real taste for life, you’ll get to hear the great news of how God offers us lasting joy and community in relationship with him. Free!


Please do not forget Andrew’s request for billets! If you only have 1 spare bed and 1 spare key, then no doubt one of Moore students will greatly appreciate your hospitality.



Frasier Bailey’s Fiji Fundraising Night

Frasier BaileyThis year Fraiser Bailey (youngest son of Harry & Ros) has been involved in the Youthworks Year 13 program. This means he studies at Youthworks a few days a week, and helps at WHAC on Sunday mornings (alongside Rusdyan Cocks) and attends 645 at night. As part of the program he will be going on a mission trip to Fiji. Frasier would like to invite you to his fundraising gathering, held at NAC on 7th May at 7pm. All welcome.

Christianity Explored


We are aiming to start 2 courses shortly after the Moore Mission in May. So please consider inviting your friends and contacts to one of these courses. For more information about the contents of the course, please look at the Christianity Explored website.

KidsQuest 2016

Our holiday children’s program KidsQuest is on again this year from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th July. Leah McKenna is still looking for some discussion group leaders, who sit with the children to discuss what they heard from the story each day, as well as assisting the children with craft and other activities. If you are able to serve in this area or assist another leader (i.e. crowd control), please speak with Leah McKenna.

More information regarding KidsQuest 2016 will be coming soon. Set aside the dates today so you may be able to serve.

Mark Groombridge’s Ordination

The date for Mark’s deaconing service has been set by Ivan Lee as Thursday 5th May at 7:30pm in St Johns Parramatta. All welcome. It has been requested that people refrain from taking photos on the night in consideration of compromising the Groombridge’s gospel ministry in Slovenia. Your understanding is appreciated.

Dates for Your Diary

May 2016

  • Sunday 1st May – Gospel Team Leaders Teams
  • Thursday 5th May – Ordination Service (St Johns Parramatta, 7:30pm)
  • Saturday 7th May – Frasier Bailey’s Fundraising Night
  • 15th-22nd May – Moore College Mission
  • Tuesday 24th/Wednesday 25th – Christianity Explored course starts
  • Sunday 29th May – Gospel Team Leaders Training: 2 Samuel with Dr. Dan Wu

FIVE Prayer Points

  1. Pray for the Moore College Mission, particularly for our preparation and the preparation of the hearts of those who we know and can invite to the church events. Pray that everyone will be willing to serve so that our events are relaxing and great opportunities to hear about Jesus.
  2. Pray for those with ongoing issues with sickness, and for those who are mourning and grieving. Please pray for Doug Edwards (nineam congregation) who has been struggling with a blood platelet disorder.
  3. Please pray for the Santiches in Christchurch, NZ. Their latest prayer letter is in our CCB group files.
  4. Pray for Anglicare and Anglican Retirement Villages which were officially joined as one organisation this week at synod. Pray that people within these organisations will be bold to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who are sick, suffering, or ageing.
  5. Pray for our Gospel Team leaders, that they may grow in their ability to teach and care for us.

FIVE Reading Listening List

At the end of May we will be starting a series looking at the Old Testament book of 2 Samuel. Until the 15th Century, 1 & 2 Samuel were one volume. The narratives are fascinating, giving us insight into how God’s promises to the Patriarchs were being fulfilled through his Christ, King David. Consequently, I am recommending you read both these OT books together over the month of May in preparation for this series. A great way to read these stories is to listen to them as you follow in your Bible. Many online Bible sites, The Bible Gateway for example, have small audio icons at the top of the bible passages, that will read the passage to you when clicked.