Community News

At Church this Sunday – New Series


This Sunday we’ll be starting a new series in 2 Samuel, as Josh Russell speaks to us from 2 Samuel 1-2. During this series we’ll be looking at King David, and exploring how it is that he prepares us for the coming of King Jesus.

KidsQuest 2016 – Register Now


KidsQuest is on again this year! You can read all about it and register your kids here. You can also grab some promotion flyers from church on Sunday.

Open Week Recap


We’ll be doing a recap of our ‘Open Week’ on Sunday (above is a shot from the Gamers night), but you can read about it from one of the student’s perspective on the Moore College mission blog site.

Nexus 2016


On Monday most of the staff team spent the day at the Nexus conference, thinking through what it means to do ministry in exile. It was an encouraging time, and you can watch the whole event here.

Weekend Reading

Today I heard the sad news that acclaimed theologian John Webster has died. Mark Thompson has written a nice appreciation.

An easier read is this piece on when God’s grace seemed evil.