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At Church This Sunday


In the weeks leading up to Easter, we’ll be returning to the book of John. We’ll be following Jesus on his journey to the cross, and it will be a great series, particularly for those who don’t know why Jesus’ death on the cross is so important! So please be thinking who you can invite along.

This Sunday our senior minister Adrian Russell will be speaking to us from John 18, so if you can, please read ahead. Plus also this Sunday…

Lunch after Church


Parish Annual General Meeting

Coming up on Wednesday 23rd of March we’ll be holding our parish’s Annual General Meeting. It’s a nice opportunity to hear a number of reports from across the parish, plus we’ll be nominating and voting for positions on the parish council, for church wardens, and parish nominators. Plus as usual, a more detailed discussion of the budget will happen on Monday the 21st.

Gospel Teams


Our gospel teams have been starting up this week, but it’s not too late to join one. Just let me know you’d like to join one, and we’ll see what we can do.

Stretch Nights 2016


Our Stretch Nights give us an opportunity to stretch our minds and understanding through discussing and considering Christian issues from a biblical and theological perspective. This year the plan is to consider issues such as human sexuality and social justice.

Our first Stretch Night is coming up on Tuesday 5th April, so please think about coming along.

Safe Ministry Training – this Saturday

If you missed our recent Safe Ministry Training events, you still have the opportunity to do the training…

  • Youthworks run Safe Ministry  Saturday 12th March. This is being run by an outside organisation and is not free. For details and to book, see this website:

Weekend Reading

Sandy Galea offering ten tips on addressing kids’ fears and doubts.