9am Family Church Gospel Teams (2020)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Gospel Teams are a great opportunity to serve together, learn and grow together, and spur one another onto evangelism and good works. For this reason, our Gospel Teams are a key form of discipling one another and growing in our love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that our Gospel Teams express the unity and diversity of our congregation and we want our Gospel Teams to meet weekly during term time.

We are restricted in the times that we can meet in Gospel Teams by factors such as the availability of leaders and the busy-ness of our lives. Therefore we would also like to offer you the opportunity to meet with 1-2 other members of our congregation for Bible reading, prayer and encouragement. Such one to one or prayer triplets are more flexible with time so they may suit you better.

For a comprehensive list of our current Gospel Team times and leaders, please look at the Gospel Team tab on our 9am Family Church roster.

If you would like to join a Gospel Team, please use the “Get In Touch” form on this website.

In Christ,

Mark Groombridge and Bill Farrand