6/5/2020 – Mundane Prayers


I so often find that my prayers get stuck on the level of mundane. I find myself praying for a deadline I’m struggling with, the kids’ could sleep better, the runny nose that just won’t quit, Aunt Mabel’s ingrown toenail… These are good things to pray for and let me assure you God loves to hear about them… but if that’s ALL we pray.

So as I’ve been reading through Ephesians I’ve been challenged by just how God-centred the Apostle Paul’s prayers are – they are prayers that are driven by and shaped by and concerned for the holiness and glory of God.

In Ephesians 1 Paul prayers that Christians would know 3 specific things: 1. That they would know God. 2. That they would know the hope to which they were called. 3. That they would know God’s power. He prays for these things because this knowledge can and will change their life, it will change their mind, their attitude, their motives and ultimately their actions. Knowing God, knowing the hope he has in store for us and knowing God’s power will bring about a complete transformation in our lives.

And so let me challenge you to consider your own prayer life this week, let me challenge you to refocus your prayers to be like the Apostle Paul who prayed constantly, night and day, without ceasing that Christians would know God.

So this is my prayer for our church, that we would know God, know him as our Father, know Jesus as our Saviour and know the Holy Spirit as our counsellor. I prayer that you would know the certain hope to which God has called us – eternity in heaven, and that you would know God’s immeasurably great power for us who believe.

Prayer of the Day

Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you made us, and that each day you sustain us. You feed the birds of the sky and clothe the flowers of the field, and you tell us we are as your people are worth far more. Please provide the things we need, and help us to be content with what we have. Father you know the worries of our hearts, help us to entrust them to you. Thank you that you hear our prayers and that you provide for us. Amen