5/4/2020 – Ready for Action

Prayer of the Day

Heavenly Father,

We give you thanks for you are the Sovereign God. All things exist because of you. We know that we can confidently come to you in prayer because you promised to hear our prayers.

Amidst our fears and anxieties during this COVID-19 crisis, we pray that the fears not overwhelm us but to remember to seek you and to see you in all your glory.

Comfort those who are struggling with the social isolation. Surround them with your peace and your presence. Help us to encourage and care for one another.

We don’t know how long this pandemic will last. But we know that you are in control and in charge. We pray for your mercy and healing that vaccines may be successfully developed.

Keep us strong in our trust in you for you are the alone certainty during these times.

In Jesus name we pray.