3/4/2020 – Partners in Prayer


Partners in Prayer

I can assure you all that your ministry team here at Northmead are working really hard for you right now. They always do, but even more now, in these new and weird circumstances, they are praying and contacting and leading and planning and proclaiming their hearts out.

It’s been really hard, because as ministers the greatest desire is always to be with people and share God’s word, as well as share lives and friendship with them. The team is feeling a sense of disconnection and lostness, wondering how to lead and shepherd and care for you all at this time. There’s also a steep learning curve of technology and what will and won’t be helpful and what will and won’t honour Jesus as an expression of church.

But the team is devoted to Jesus more than ever, focused on the message of the cross, and working with his strength to be a blessing to you all.

Even as I assure you of this effort, I am conscious that at the same time I am more and more aware of your partnership in this, and extremely thankful to God for it. I know that so many people are praying for our church right now, and praying in particular for the pastors and staff of Northmead. It’s a real joy to keep getting messages of encouragement and support, messages of thanks to God and ongoing prayers.

More than ever we all need each other right now and I love this expression of partnership together. Our church community and our serving the Lord together is not about one group of people responsible for everything and another group consuming a product. We’re all in this together.

Paul speaks of this partnership several times in his letters, showing that real partnership in the gospel is often expressed through prayer.

In our passage this Sunday he’s conscious that he will be saved through the prayers of the Philippians and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1. 19). Even as he prays for them in vv9-11, they are also praying for him, because as he had said before they are partners with him in grace and in his imprisonment and defence of the gospel. Separated by vast distance and the walls and bars of a prison, they are still united in sharing and partnering in the gospel.

Paul also describes this partnership of prayer when he writes in Romans 15.30 “Now I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, through our Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in prayers to God on my behalf.”

Paul invites his brothers and sisters in Christ to join him in his work, and strive together with him through prayer. Again, they are apart physically, but in Christ

by his Spirit and expressed through prayerful dependence on God, they are partners together.

This is true for us and we thank God for you and for our partnership together!

Author: Adrian Russell

Prayer of the Day

Dear Loving Father

You are the loving God of all the nations and peoples on this earth.  Please look with mercy and compassion on all you have created. This day we ask for your help. Please deliver us from the coronavirus and limit its impact on Australia and the world. In your mercy bring a swift end to this crisis.Please protect with your loving care those we love- our families, friends and neighbours. Let your fatherly hand guide, shelter and strengthen them.Cast out all anxious fears and doubts.

Give us an increasing trust in you and fill our hearts and minds with your peace. We pray for those around the world now struggling with COVID-19. Heal and comfort those who are sick and suffering. Protect and guide the health professionals who are at the front line.Please give wisdom and courage to those who bear responsibility for confronting this challenge. We ask these things through the powerful name of Jesus, Amen