Sunday 24 May 2020

Hi Northmead Anglican,

Our passage this Sunday is from Philippians and it’s an encouraging reminder that we can always rejoice because we always have Jesus Christ as powerful Lord and loving Saviour. So I trust that despite difficulties and challenges, you are full of rejoicing and hope, because of Christ and the cross, and the eternal life he promises us.

It’s a real comfort at this time to know that God is sovereignly in control of all things, and has a perfect plan and purpose for his people and his church who he loves dearly.

James reminds us, not that we should never make plans, but that as we think about our lives and our future, we should always humbly say to ourselves ‘If the Lord wills…’ (James 4.15).

In light of the government’s 3 Step plan to reopen things and remove limitations on our community, we have prayerfully considered what this might mean for our church and ministry under the providence of God, and subject to further changes from governments.

I have attached a summary of our 3 Step ministry plan for your information. You’ll see at the top, the three principles shaping the document are 1. Gathering as Christians is spiritually vital, 2. Honouring the government pleases the Lord, and 3. Our people have freedom to act wisely under God. A couple of the key suggestions worth noting are:

– in Step 2 (groups of 20) KidsAlive will be available as a ministry to drop kids off at church for a 1.5 hour program
– in Step 2 Forge youth will meet in 4 smaller groups across Thursday and Friday evenings
– in Step 3 (groups of 100) we will be able to meet together for church, but to keep combined numbers below 100, we will have 5 gatherings across the weekend

We’d really appreciate your prayer for wisdom as the Pastors, Wardens, and Parish Council make plans and put in place policies to get us back to meeting together as soon as possible while keeping people safe.

Again, these steps are subject to change, but are an outline of our intentions, God willing, for the future. Please join me in praising God and asking him to continue to strengthen and protect us.

Your brother in Christ,

Senior Minister