Community News

At Church this Week

At church this Sunday we’ll be heading into week two of our new four series on prayer. We’re calling it ‘Pray Like This’, as we take a look at the Lord’s Prayer. If you’ve got time to prepare, have a read of Matthew 6:5-15. We’ll be drilling in on verse 10 this week.  

Stretch Night – Coming Up

Ministry Apprenticeship  Program – Feedback This Sunday


This Sunday we’re thrilled to have Jacquie join us, to do our Family Time, plus talk to us as her two ministry apprenticeship starts to wind down. How has it been, and what’s next for Jacquie? Come along and find out!

Winstonites and Endurance this Sunday

It’s school holidays, and we haven’t done it for a while, and so the Winstonites and Endurance groups will be staying in church the whole time. It’s a good thing, so that the kids and youth know what normally happens when they go out to their groups.

Holiday Praying

To stay on the topic of prayer, here’s a link to a prayer affirming God is in control of all things at all times.