6pm Gospel Teams Form (2018)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Gospel Teams are a great opportunity to serve together, learn and grow together, and spur one another onto evangelism and good works. Which is why we want everyone to be part of a Gospel Team, we want our Gospel Teams to express the unity and diversity of our congregation and we want our Gospel Teams to meet weekly during term time.

This form is to help us arrange the Gospel Teams at 6pm so that they can be as helpful and effective as possible. Please remember that not everyone will get their first choices, we will try our best, and we are open to feedback, but in the end church isn’t about hanging out with people like you, or even people you like – it’s about hanging out with God’s people. So please be as flexible as possible with your choices, pray about next year, and commit to coming along.

Much Love in Christ,

Which nights of the week are you able to meet on next year?
(Please select as many as possible)

6pm Gospel Teams are the best!

Billy-Bob Fun-loving member of 6pm

Leading a 6pm Gospel Team is the bees knees! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my long history at 6pm it’s that Gospel Teams are where it’s at.

Cumquat McGee6pm Gospel Team Leader

I never joined a 6pm Gospel Team. That’s why no one knows who I am.


Come to a 6pm Gospel Team! I’ll be there.

Lady WisdomBiblical Metaphor

What makes you think you can study the bible without a Roman Catholic Priest!? How dare you!

Cardinal Robert Bellarmine

6pm Gospel Teams are the most authentistic Gospel Teams ever!


I don’t care which night we meet. I just want to be in a Gospel Team with Simon Graham! #seemoresimon

Connection Card KingSimon Graham Fan Boy